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Arman Akopoian  -



Born in the Soviet Union, in Armenia, Arman Akopian moved to Canada in the early 90’s. After graduation in 3D Animation at ICARI , he started his career in video games in Ubisoft Montreal.


Throughout his time in Ubisoft he worked as Level Artist, Character Artist, Modeler, Art Director and Concept Artist on projects such as Batman: Vengeance, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, and Lethal Alliance.


In 2008 he joined the Eidos Montreal studio to work as a lead character on the preproduction of Deus Ex – Human Revolution. After joining the Thief team his career took a different direction and he became a full time concept artist and illustrator.


Arman’s work ranges from creating magazine and final game packaging covers to promotional key art, fantasy and sci-fi book covers. But the bigger part of his work is creating concept art for various projects both for characters and environments - ranging from simple sketches to finalized modelsheets.


Some of his work can be seen in magazines such as GameInformer, PC Gamer and Imagine FX, and the recent edition of the cult classic “Thief” game from Square Enix. Currently Arman is working for Ubisoft Montreal again on Rainbow Six - SIEGE .

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