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There's an unprecedented opportunity to create the first real-time interactive virtual American male, teen pop star — with chart-topping singles, breathtaking live & virtual shows, robust social media presence, TV, festivals, live tours, merchandise, VR/AR,  and more . . . . 

• The Gen-Z market is huge — over $200 billion per year in spending.

• Teens readily accept and embrace new technologies.

• Miku is already a $300 million successful proof of concept.  Lil Miquela

and Luo Tianyi's increasing popularity only reinforce the explosive growth of virtual characters.

• Our superstar creative team has helped shaped pop culture history.

• We minimize risk by producing multiple songs by the hottest songwriters and producers — increasing the odds of having successful hit singles. 

• Other competitive advantages include real-time audience interactivity

and proprietary data collection/karaoke technology.

• In view of potential ROI, JAYDEN is a very high reward venture.

Startup costs are extremely reasonable.

• We offer a myriad of ancillary revenue streams to recoup investment.

JAYDEN has all the elements to become a phenomenal technical, creative and financial success.

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