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JAYDEN is the proud recipient of a prestigious EPIC MegaGrant.


With virtual characters exploding in pop culture, JAYDEN represents a groundbreaking opportunity to create the first real-time interactive virtual American male, teen pop star—targeting the 2-billion worldwide Gen Z demographic. 

Unlike current digital personalities and influencers, JAYDEN will integrate cutting-edge, real-time motion capture technology which will allow him to intimately interact with his fans in both the real and virtual worlds.

Developed by Elias Digital Entertainment—Emmy and Gemini Award-winners in children's content— JAYDEN’S animated look and innovative business model will generate an expanded range of revenue streams, untapped by current pop artists.

We have partnered with world-renown Faceware Technologies (Star Wars, Call of Duty, Barbie) and 

Unreal Engine (Fortnite, Mandalorian, Westworld) along with award-winning songwriters, producers, and choreographers—to create the virtual icon for the 21st Century.

Our steller creative team and pioneering interactive technology will enable JAYDEN to have a robust social media presence, appear live in concerts and in breathtaking virtual events/platforms like Roblox, Fortnite and the Metaverse. He will also have his own animated content in the form of an episodic series on TV/OTT.   (See below BTS video for demonstration of rapid content production POC)


An authentic music celebrity with his own original hit songs, JAYDEN will redefine the next generation of digital characters!

Please click for BTS video

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